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Even though our kids live in a family-friendly town, they still face hardships like bullying, peer pressure, and feelings of low self-esteem. Arts-Kids recognizes these obstacles and helps kids in our community by empowering them to develop life skills and encouraging them to find their happy place amidst challenges. Through a variety of settings like preschool programs, lunch recess games, summer day camps, after school programs, and school assembles, kids ages 3-18 learn expressive arts activities like dance, yoga, drama, and music. Children also learn valuable life skills like communication techniques, coping skills, problem solving, and empathy. These programs are accessible to all children, including youth in the Ute Reservation. By engaging kids in these constructive activities, they’re building vital skills—and discovering new passions—that will help them weather life’s storms. But the crucial programs Arts-Kids offers wouldn’t be possible without donors like you. With your gift, you can help foster stronger youth. And stronger youth means a stronger community.

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